This year challenges were organized an unusual way: we were some hax0rz hired by a company to complete some tasks they asked for, rewarded by money.

Thus it was storyline, quite messy, hence the following tree, trying to resume how we got accesses to challenges:

Mail "We are looking for a real hacker"
        `-> "Wallpaper image" ($300)
                +-> Mail "What about this file?"
                              `-> "binary file ndh" ($1500)
                                    +-> Mail "Another weird link"
                                                  `-> "complex remote service" ($2500)
                             `-> "interesting audio file" ($500)
                             `-> "Mole information" ($900)
         `-> "Unknown text" ($100)
               +-> Mail "Any idea how to use this file"
                             `-> "Unknown file extension" ($1700)
         `-> "Unknown zip archive" ($100)
               +-> Mail "unknown binary, need your help"
                             `-> "Strange binary file" ($500)
                                   +-> Mail "New email from our contact"
                                                 `-> "Sciteek shortener" ($1000)
                                                       +-> Mail "Time is running out"
                                                                     `-> "captured file" ($???)
                                                 `-> "strange binary file #2" ($2500)

Here are the people that participated: Niklos, Ufox, mirmo, Mr_KaLiMaN, vortex, MaZ, Groskoinkoin, criple_ripper, FrizN, Cladff10, Ge0, ThunderLord, awe

Once again, we solved all challenges!

Our team is currently mysteriously ranked #2, but it seems we were first to complete the whole thing.

UPDATE : The staff finally released the final ranking, and as expected we finish 1st, since we were the first to finish all the challenges :)
Here is a screenshot of the final ranking :

Here are the links to our writeups for each challenge, in the order we solved them:

We can sum up this CTF with pictures below =)